Using the increasing reliance on smartphones, computers and other products, myopia has become a common problem. In Tiongkok, 41% of the 5 to 15 year olds suffer from ametropia such as myopia, hyperopia as well as astigmatism, while the proportion which has not been effectively corrected is really as high as 85%. This particular potential market, contributed towards the flourishing of the glasses business: Daocheng glasses enterprises within 2016, new equipment, brand new machines, the stores to go overseas.
Danyang glasses wholesale marketplace as Daocheng glasses at wholesale prices base, the whole year may be the wholesale price, a pair of eyeglasses wholesale, buy a pair of eyeglasses on the outside of the money in Danyang to buy 5 pairs. Usually do not believe it, look at the racks of Danyang Replica Ray Bans
glasses at wholesale prices market. 7 yuan a couple of spherical 1 . 56 protected lenses, 8 yuan some of Taimin frames, 18 yuan a pair of sunglasses are not huge position, the market price of 85 percent off…… In addition , within the holidays, Danyang glasses below wholesale market in Yanan Roads, Weihai Road, Jingkou roads and College Road, the exact four largest market together launched promotional activities: 12 24, 2016 to 26, to 99 yuan to order glasses vouchers worth 3 yuan, unprecedented.
Since its organization in 1998, 000 optical product through innovation shattered eyeglasses industry “profiteering” ice, let the glasses from the luxury to be FMCG; make a pair of eyeglasses also implement the at wholesale prices price…… In October 2016, Wan optical officially joined the Burma economic middle city – Mandalay, taking the first step of internationalization. You probably know that, Wan optical will in addition receive PRADA, COACH, ARMANI and other international big names around Burma exclusive sales agent. In an effort to repay consumers Daocheng, out of now until January some, 2017, 000 optical sunglasses wholesale Qingdao city around eight shops to celebrate Christmas plus new year’s Day: the exact glasses can enjoy the full 99 yuan up by thirty days yuan (Cai Si, Essilor lenses can participate in those things of the audience); buy any sort of contact lenses to send sinor fish huner 360 ml nursing liquid flask.
People through the train, the exact rapid development of glasses, right now has 27 stores, as well as amount and amount currently have maintained a two number growth. For the future, the empire leader Wu Yonghua created: “already linkage enterprise considering company, will launch a different VC/VI system and company, take double brand series, continue to deepen brand effect. “. ”
From Jan 3, 2017 onwards, the creation of giant benefits activities. 1st, brand lens discount bare minimum. Essilor diamond crystal A3 Series 40 percent down, a full range of products 31% down, two, 25% off To the south Korean Kemi lens; through the event, the top 10 consumers free glasses every day to send 38 yuan a piece of fabric, anti fog mirror; about three, during the new year’s day time, second pairs of spectacles half (the first deputy glasses over 300 yuan); four, contact lenses price alter purchase.