With summer, the sun is glowing, more and more intense ultraviolet sun rays, with sunscreen and ornamental Sunglasses has become many individuals choice. Recently, the media reporter visited some of the Xuchang dvd shop, found that many dvd shops have sunglasses within the most prominent position, and a broad variety of products, prices vary significantly. The personage inside training suggests, the citizen ought to be careful when buying, must select the sunglasses that suits yourself eye condition to undertake putting on.
In Xuchang, an dvd shop, the reporter did find a wide range of sunglasses placed in the door of the most eye-catching place, there are many customers are chosen, try to wear. Sales personnel told reporters Cheap Ray Bans
that the yearly 5 and June is among the most popular Sunglasses sales time of year. Especially in recent days, often the temperature has been rising, shoppers came to buy Sunglasses appreciably increased.
In the interview, often the reporter found that the folks who came to buy Sunglasses primarily focus on the color of sun shades, the degree of collocation of types and facial features, although rarely pay attention to the anti ULTRA-VIOLET ability of sunglasses. Neat colors, unique style, a myriad of wearing sunglasses on the face, can actually play the role of decoration, but also sporting sunglasses and improper collection, will cause damage to the view.
Although sunglasses can be useful against ultraviolet rays in the winter, not everyone is good for it. Ophthalmology experts reminded the public, immediately after wearing sunglasses, entering along with of visible light is definitely reduced, the pupil will open, for a long time, easy to encourage acute angle closure glaucoma, there is redness, pain inside eyes, a sharp decline with vision and other symptoms, particularly in patients with glaucoma probably should not wear sunglasses. At the same time, loss of sight, night blindness patients aren’t suitable to wear sunglasses, increases the eye disease.
At the same time, quite a few parents like to buy Eyewear for their children. Experts propose that children, especially those less than six, should not wear eyewear. Because they are at the critical point of visual development, even more bright light and clear stuff are needed to stimulate vision development. Wearing sunglasses ahead of time can affect the development of vision, which may lead to amblyopia.