China’s Jiangsu network May eleventh news yesterday, Industrial together with Commercial Bureau announced meant for my glasses market supplement quality sampling results in the main sampling of the old magnifying mirror, sunglasses, optical resin cups of with a total of 29 batches, qualified 4 servings, including 2 batches of just one batches of presbyopic cups of, sunglasses and 1 servings of optical resin cups of. It is worth noting in which, there are sunglasses traffic indication transmission ratio is not certified, will cause the wearer can not recognize the traffic lights, there are actually traffic safety problems.
Summertime is approaching, many people want to wear sunglasses, this testing, sunglasses failed to reflect typically the project reflected in light transmittance and traffic signal sign ratio. Light transmittance is a ratio of visible rayonnement to luminous flux over the lens. The light transmittance relation of sunglasses reflects often the filtering and obstructing a result of sunglasses Dcape Ray Bans on light. Ordinary Sunglasses ensure that the high intensity of the light is simplified, which reduces the itching to the eye, and can make a certain amount of light penetration. It is able to effectively distinguish objects, aspects and colors. If the public be dressed in sunglasses beyond the mercy range, the visual high intensity of the left eye is definitely inconsistent, which may cause binocular vision imbalance, blurred imaginative and prescient vision and other symptoms. Detection observed that some sunglasses tested light transmittance data a lesser amount than the standard range, affecting imaginative and prescient vision.
Detection of traffic indicate transmittance is the performance that comes with sunglasses, future generations connected with traffic lights identification. If your traffic signal transmission relation does not meet the requirements from the standard, will cause the car owner to wear sunglasses, can not differentiate the traffic lights, you will find traffic safety problems. Regular observation of red, yellow-colored and green traffic transmission through the lens, the transmitting ratio of the signal ought to be greater than or equal to 8% of the red, yellow as well as green signal should be more than or equal to 6%, and also the detection, there are three types of color sunglasses on the transmission transmission ratio is less than the conventional requirements.
In addition , the untrained project of optical resin glasses mainly for refractive catalog variation and size change, and the main problem is the previous mirror optical center yardage deviation, unilateral horizontal change and vertical mutual change does not meet the standard. Metropolis of Industrial and Commercial Institution consumer protection department standard said, the old mirror sporting a long optical center apaisado distance deviation and personal horizontal deviation does not match the standards, is likely to appear fatigue, vertigo and other symptoms, simple to produce visual fatigue, and could affect vision health; dvd center vertical mutual distinction is too large will result in 2 eye vision the level is not really balanced, produce prism impact is large, may cause fatigue, nausea, bad effect of place is not accurate or reduced vision. (Sun Fanghua, Chen Hongsheng, Shi Jingjing)
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The business sector applied nearly 900 batches
High quality inspection of commodity within circulation field
Yesterday, reporters from the city Industrial as well as Commercial Bureau was educated that the current city Commercial and Commercial Bureau stationed to carry out 2017 of the city’s business (market supervision) stock options quality inspection work, depending on “wisdom of the 315” conditions hot, many areas of device quality problems of beautification materials, textiles and attire, children’s products, building products, auto parts etc ., the enactment of sampling nearly nine hundred batches of circulation area of commodity quality, balanced with the same period last year higher by 20%.
I operate in the city this year stock options quality sampling institutionalized, consistent and scientific oriented, that will “Jiangsu province consumer safeguards regulations” implementation as an ability, through the development of “Zhenjiang Alternative and Commercial Bureau 2017 annual consumer rights authorities supervision opinions”, “Zhenjiang Alternative and Commercial Bureau the actual circulation of goods quality examination procedures and attention the actual matter”, promote the blood circulation of goods quality supervision degree.
The business sector said, discovered for sampling of low quality goods, industrial and industrial departments (market supervision) will certainly strictly enforce the management punishment case, do item is the “perfect” v. move case “mechanism, combined with customer complaints of fraud providers intensify punishment, the results associated with processing in a timely manner to the general public, with the through the administrative guidance and social supervision, enhance the operator awareness of product high quality, continuously improve and market consumption environment of our town