Not too long ago, central city Industrial together with Commercial Bureau organized draws to the Jingan District Shanghai in china new railway station: cups of market, Kai Tai cups of market, sun glasses community, International glasses city, Huangpu District Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street trefoil glasses promote, 50 batches of spectacles Pudong New Area Yaohan clover glasses city ?tta glasses professional market 34 shop sales of superior inspection and check the promote. After testing, there are almost 8 batches of unqualified, not qualified detection rate of 16%. The unqualified items are typically visible light transmittance, brightness transmittance relative deviation together with sign.
First, the accessible light transmittance is not skilled, there are 3 batches. Trying found substandard items are definitely not standard or wrong sun shades category. Visible light transmittance is the transmission of light, is usually divided into 4 categories. Seen light transmittance detection should be to determine the type of sunglasses. Several categories, sunglasses use several. If you use Wholesale Ray Bans
a light sunglasses sun shades, the wearer can not get the sun outcome. Because consumers can not distinguish the sunglasses with the unclothed eye category, so makers should be marked sunglasses type.
Two is the relative change of light transmittance, there are three or more batches. Sampling found, Kai Tai glasses wholesale sector of Shanghai Zhabei Center extraordinary nominal glasses purchase sales by the Jiaojiang Center of Taizhou city liangzai optical glasses factory development (or supply) “you from the stars” brand sunglasses (specification: polarized /29921375; production date or lot number: not marked), light transmittance is measured relative deviation 38. 7% (standard should be less than or equal to 15%). The relative deviation of light transmittance is the deviation between the light transmittance of the lens. The index is not qualified, when consumers wear sunglasses, the left and right eyes on the sun blocking a larger difference, easy to cause visual fatigue, feeling unwell.
Three is a sign, there are 2 batches. Substandard goods are not marked Sunglasses category or wrong standard. Mark unqualified, directly affect consumers to buy Sunglasses, but also affect the correct use of consumers.
According to the sampling benefits, the business sector has obtained the relevant operators to promptly stop selling substandard things, a comprehensive clean-up inventory of goods, in the sale of products, regulate the publicity of second-rate goods operators in accordance with the kind of laws and regulations to take measures to defend the legitimate interests of shoppers, and according to the investigation for the operators of substandard things sales.
Meanwhile, the business segment to remind consumers during the buy, the use of sunglasses should take note of the following points:
First, when you buy Sunglasses, you should ask for packaging and tag, to avoid quality problems, the burden of proof, and on the invoice required to indicate the brand, category and model.
Two, currently on the market there are two major types of sunglasses, one is the sun mirror, the sun can play a role, to alleviate eye fatigue caused by excessive regulation, or by light stimulation caused by injury; the other is a light colored sunglasses, mainly play a decorative role, when the sun not strong, can also use the. However , long-term wear will lead to eye fatigue, if consumers mistakenly put this kind of glasses when the sun visor to use, not only can not play the effect connected with shading, but also damage often the eyes.