Northeast News Network (reporter Tian Li) said the origin with the store Italy glasses, it is written on the “Dongguan”, which in the end of the cups which production? Shenyang purchaser single consumer rights multilevel consulting Liaoning, believes this businesses deliberately conceal the truth origin. Lawyers Wholesale Ray Bans
said that legislation stipulates that imported things should be consistent with the actual beginning, the behavior of businesses suspected connected with misleading consumption. [original: complaints after the refund could not claim compensation? ]
France claimed to be labeled “Dongguan”
Mr. Shan introduced at the end of of 2016, he was with Shenyang, the Mixc (Youth Street shop) bright view glasses shop to buy a two of Ray-Ban polarizer, then arised 15% off, the original cost are $2380, after the break is definitely $2023. Clerk introduced to Mister. Zhang, said the cups are produced in Italy, but the retailer is only a display of goods, now have to wait for headquarters deliveries. A few days later, Mr. Shan to pick up again, but observed that the origin of the cups into Dongguan.
Good France imports, how is Dongguan produced? The clerk claimed, this is certainly not the false goods, said Ray-Ban cups brand the main origin with Italy, but also the production basic in Dongguan Chinese, to ensure the goods absolute fidelity, point questions just store malfunction. In this regard, Mr. Shan claimed it could not accept, and handled the return techniques.
The clerk replied: and this batch of goods when the point
Subsequently, the reporter located the the Mixc is positioned in the negative layer with the bright perspective glasses purchase Ray-Ban glasses counters. Over the survey found that most with the glasses are engraved for the legs of the Made in France, only individual glasses customized with the legs of the Stated in China, at the same time, the press reporter noted that each paper is definitely affixed to the label “origin: Dongguan”.
Glasses exactly what is made? “You can see the cups legs on the line, write a France that is in Italy, and we label this batch of products, can not replace. Said the very clerk.
This reporter has got learned that, Luxottica Italy (Chinese Translation: Lu Xun ladder) group is a professional manufacturer for glasses and sales for multinational companies, headquartered on Italy, Milan. Production and even sales of the brand are: Ray-Ban (Ray-Ban), Bvlgari (Bvlgari), Chanel (Chanel) and other international high trusted brands. Luxotticaentered Huahong (Dongguan) drinking glasses Co. Ltd (LuxotticaTristar) is known as a Luxottica group built in Sept, 2002 in Guangdong Dongguan Chinese high Po expenditure of money glasses production base, dedicated the production of glasses and products.
This is also consistent with the clerk talked about. Since it is not a counterfeit, why can not be a dazzling point of view and the physical basis of a unified label?
Lawyer or attorney: the law stipulates that brought in goods should be consistent with the exact origin
This special scan and domestic goods Oolong behavior is in violation belonging to the relevant laws and regulations?
The Liaoning companion lawyer Jiao Jian said that China has clean provisions in the “People’s Republic of China import and even export goods country for origin regulations” and “consumer protection law” and other legislation of the country of basis of the goods marked.
First of all, the state of the implementation belonging to the management of origin dirt. “People’s Republic of India import and export commodities country of origin regulations” provisions of article 16th of the goods or most of their packaging there is a mark for origin, the origin indicated on the mark shall be in conformity with the law determine the foundation.
Secondly, according to the regulations predetermined in article third: from a country (region) to obtain the commodities, to the country of basis (region); more than two states (regions) to participate in producing goods, in order to complete the very substantive change countries (regions) for the origin of the survive. Also specified in spot sixth: determine the standard for substantive change, the difference in tariff classification as the general standard; change of contract price classification does not reflect the very substantive change, to listing valorem percentage, manufacturing and also processing procedures for extra, additional, added, complementary, supplemental standard. That is to say, if clients buy the product is fully purchased in Italy, is required to make the origin to Italy, which include products in more than couple of countries (regions) to practice the production, and finally completed the very substantial change in Dongguan. It all required to mark the origin towards Dongguan.