Base riding glasses not only possess role of blocking the sunshine, but also to prevent sand. Tibet travel now Jiujiao you finally choose 5 different colors of the base riding glasses. Plateau ride on glasses generally have dvd grade PC material aperture, according to the difference between the premature and Cheap Ray Ban Outlet
late to replace the many color lenses. When you choose partner, you must pay attention to whether or not you are able to a mirror Replica Ray Bans Sunglasses
in the mirror, although myopia lens is the will need to match their own.
1, coloured lenses tinted lenses will filter a lot of blue lumination, can effectively improve the video or graphic contrast and clarity, created for wearing in foggy and also under severe air pollution.
a pair of, yellow lens yellow aperture from the shading effect simply as good as other color upgraded lenses, almost can not reduce visual light, that is, shading benefit is very Wholesale Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses
weak. But in the very foggy Wholesale Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses
or dusk, green lenses can improve the vary and clearer sight.
2, black mirror black aperture can effectively block the sunshine, at noon when the the sun is the most practical lenses. The very lens of the myopia is really large radian (in so that they can achieve the effect of a blowing wind resistance, it must be designed) towards cause the lens is really close to the eye. In this post cup case, but also Ray Bans Sunglasses
in the middle that has a built-in myopia box that features no space as will be imagined, many riding mates reflect the eyelashes impression the lens, a pair of dvd glasses normal to the little brown eyes of the distance about 12mm in the appropriate standard. Will be consequence of shortening the location? We can test: if you wil take advantage of a pair of optical glasses, everybody to slowly move forward the very glasses, you will find the line becomes increasingly blurred. The reason is not difficult, when the lens is more close to the eyes, the more clean, that is, the increase in the sum lens lens, high sum natural dizziness and observation swelling. So how do we clear up this problem? I think: 25 deg or 50 degrees in your own original Ray Ban On Sale
optical degree. At this moment most of the myopia riding copy is to facilitate the production and even design, directly in the nones myopia riding a mirror attached with the frame
4, see-through lens transparent lens operate is mainly to prevent rain and also wind.
5, chrome plated lenses to be used in the Fake Ray Bans
face of the very snow or high lumination strong ultraviolet light in your neighborhood can only be used on the base, we would like to have a friend.